Superman: The Final Days of Superman Review

Final Days of Superman

Here’s my review of the hardcover edition of the Road to Rebirth book Superman: The Final Days of Superman.

The Book Itself

This is a standard sized hardcover with a dust jacket. Standard size means it’s the same size as a normal comic issue or a trade paperback, but it does have a nice black hardcover. This is a step above a trade paperback in terms of quality, although not as good as an oversized hardcover.


There are a few different artists that are featured in this book. My favorite is Mikel Janin. His work is just gorgeous. The other artists are pretty good too, and it doesn’t hurt the book as you move from one style to another, but I personally think that Mikel Janin is just top notch. His take on Superman is great, and I was happy to see he had done this, as I had initially seen his work during his run on Batman with Tom King.


This book by Peter J. Tomasi tells the story of the final days of the New 52 world’s Superman. This is a Road to Rebirth book. So if you’re planning on jumping onboard the DC Universe and start reading the Rebirth stories, it helps to have read these Road to Rebirth Books. They’re not totally indispensable, but it definitely helps to have some background.

In terms of background to this book itself, obviously it would help to have read the New 52 era Superman books, or at least the Darkseid War Saga.

This is a pretty good story and it helps set you up to read the Rebirth Superman books, both Superman and Action Comics.


If you plan on collecting DC Universe books post Rebirth, then I definitely recommend getting this book. It helps explain what happened just before in the final days of the New 52 era, and what happened to that world’s Superman. The story is good, the art is great, and it’s always nice having something in a Hardcover Edition.

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