Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 4: End of Games

Darth Vader End of Games

Here’s my review for Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 4: End of Games by Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca!

The Book Itself


Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 4: End of Games is a standard Trade Paperback. It collects Star Wars Darth Vader #20-25. Sadly this volume doesn’t collect any variant covers in the back or any bonus artwork. All we get are the issues and story with no extras.

The Art


Salvador Larroca continues to do great work in this series. Great action scenes involving Darth Vader fighting his would-be rivals. Murderous Droid-Duo Triple-Zero and BeeTee wreaking havoc. Space battles involving Star Destroyers, TIE Fighters, and other more exotic vessels. Every type of action is well done and well polished. Salvador Larroca‘s art is a treat to savor for any Star Wars fan.

The Story


Kieron Gillen’s run on Star Wars: Darth Vader comes to an end in this volume. We see Vader’s final confrontation with his would be rival Cylo and his band of scientifically enhanced warriors. We also see the final unraveling of Vader’s relationship with Doctor Aphra.

In the Darth Vader End of Games arc it was cool to see Vader finally come face-to-face with Cylo and the final two would be usurpers to Vader’s role as Emperor Palpatine’s apprentice. Personally I never found the character of Cylo to be particularly compelling. If this series had one essential failure, I’d say that was it. So it was with great satisfaction that we get to see Vader dispatch him quite ruthlessly.

Somewhat less satisfying was the conclusion of Vader’s relationship with Doctor Aphra. It was, I suppose, true to his character. But a bit surprising all the same. And her survival felt a bit of a stretch to be honest. But other than that it was a very enjoyable book!


Darth Vader End of Games is a must-have book for anyone who’s been collecting this series so far. As this volume marks the end of Kieron Gillen’s run on Darth Vader, and the end effectively of this series, it ends well and deserves to be on any collector’s bookshelf. I recommend it.

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