Hello and welcome to Comic Book Cave. I’ll be reviewing comics and making recommendations. I collect mostly Omnibus Editions, Deluxe Editions and Trade Paperbacks.

Comics Reviews…and More

My blog, Comic Book Cave, will be a home to my comics reviews, recommendations, rants, raves, musings, and exaltations.

Every comic fan is welcome here in my Comic Book Cave. Whether you collect monthly single issues, Trade Paperbacks, Omnibus Editions, Deluxe Editions, mangas, Digital Comics, or anything else, you’ll find some reason to come and hang out a while.

Comics Conversation & Debates

If you want to make suggestions as to what you want to see on Comic Book Cave, feel free to leave a comment or send an email. I’d be happy to review something that you’re curious about. Or just leave a comment to start a conversation.

Comic Book Cave is also a place for conversations and debates about comics. Who’s stronger, Superman or Thor? What is the best way to collect comics, Single Issues or Trade Paperbacks or Omnibus Editions? Make your voice heard!

A Lifelong Passion for Comics

I’ve been buying and reading comic books for most of my life. The addiction really started when I was a teenager. My brother and I started mowing lawns for our neighbors and other houses in our neighborhood. We were earning pretty decent money, for kids. We made hundreds of dollars a month. And nearly every penny was spent at the comic shop!

After a long dry spell of not buying comics in any way shape or form, this passion was recently reignited back in 2019. I was browsing Amazon and I stumbled across Kingdom Come by Alex Ross and Mark Waid. I remembered this story from when I was a kid. The public library had a few of these issues. I had read the beginning, but never the end. I pulled the trigger, I bought the book.

While reading it, it reawakened that childhood love I had for comics. Alex Ross’ amazing artwork was gorgeous, as always, and I felt suddenly proud to own this, and I knew I wanted to expand my collection. Since then, I’ve been buying comics (mostly in Trade Paperback, Deluxe Edition, and Omnibus formats) on a much more regular basis.

A Passion…Shared

Comic Book Cave is a labor of love that I do in my free time. Instead of just buying my books and reading them and sitting them on a bookshelf and that being the end of it, I’ve decided to share my passion with the world through this blog. Now, anytime I buy and read a new book, I’ll write a review about it. And I’ll be going through my backlog of books and trying to write a review for them all.

I hope you enjoy it!

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