Kingdom Come by Alex Ross Review

Kingdom Comc by Alex Ross

Here’s my review for Kingdom Come by Alex Ross and Mark Waid! This DC Comics classic is a must-read for any comics fan. Find out why in my review below!

The Book Itself


This is a very nice Trade Paperback edition. Nice cover and spine design. This book contains a sizeable sketch gallery and bonus content in the back.

The Art


The art in this book is done by the legendary Alex Ross. If you don’t know who Alex Ross is, you must be new to comics. He is not a penciller like most comics artists. He doesn’t draw the art with pencils which is then colored in with ink by the same or another artist. Ross is a painter. And not just any painter. His work is hyper realistic and life-like. Every page and panel is almost photo-realistic.

If you do know who Alex Ross is, then you know this book is worth buying already for the art alone. Normally, Alex Ross does a lot of covers, but it’s rare he does all the art for an entire book. But that’s the case here. Every page and every panel is a beautiful Ross painting. Even if the story was lame (it’s not) this book would still be worth getting just for the art.

The Story


This story is an interesting exploration of a not-so-distant future of the DC Universe where the number of meta-humans has risen dramatically. The previous generation of heroes has retired. They’ve been replaced by a more brutal and barbaric generation of undisciplined “heroes” whose recklessness leaves the general population terrorized and yearning for the heroes of yesteryear.

Superman hasn’t been seen in years. Batman is retired, replaced by an army of Bat Bots that patrol Gotham. Green Lantern is withdrawn to a satellite-construct orbiting the earth. The new Generation of super powered crime-fighters run amok.

Then, after a calamitous event, Superman decides to return, to set things right, to show this new generation how things ought to be done. He is joined by his former colleagues, all coming out of retirement.

This story bears some similarities to that of Earth X Trilogy. For example, both stories show their respective comics Universes in a future where the world is overflowing with super-powered individuals. Therefore, our familiar heroes are forced to question their place in a world where their exceptional abilities are now commonplace.

Finally, the story is very satisfying and is a very fun exploration of what it is that makes a hero a hero. Is it just having super abilities, or is it something more?


In conclusion, Kingdom Come by Alex Ross and Mark Waid is an essential book for any comic book fan’s collection. This book is one you’ll come back to time and again both to read, but also to flip through just to appreciate the amazing Ross painted art. I highly recommend this.

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Absolute Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come is also available in an Absolute Edition. So far, I’ve only gotten the Trade Paperback. But honestly it is very tempting to get this book again in an Absolute Edition. These formats are giant books, even larger than an oversized hardcover. And these Absolute Editions come in a nice Slipcase. This is the ultimate premium edition. If you love Alex Ross’ art and want to appreciate in XXL format, this would be the way to do it.

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