Justice League Volume 1: Origin Review

Justice League Origin

Here’s my review for Justice League Volume 1: Origin by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee! Part of the exciting New 52 reboot by DC Comics, this first volume of Justice League will offer a retelling of the founding of the Super Team. See what I think about it below.

The Book Itself


This book is a standard Trade Paperback format. We have issues #1-6 of the New 52 Justice League collected together along with a variant cover gallery in the back and a sketchbook.

The Art


The man holding the pencil here is none other than the legendary Jim Lee! I could just stop my art review section here. What else is there to say about industry icon and giant-among-artists, Jim Lee?

The action scenes and compositions are excellent throughout this book. Lots of full double-page spreads that take your breath away. This is one of those books where as you’re reading, you end up flipping back through the sections you’ve already read just to admire for a second or third or fourth time the art therein.

The Story


This story by Geoff Johns collects issues #1-6 of The New 52 Justice League.

As the name of the book indicates, this is a modern retelling of the origin of the Justice League. This book takes place at the beginning of the New 52 reboot, which saw a sort of reset of DC Universe continuity in the aftermath of the events of Flashpoint.

So in this book we see Batman, Green Lantern, the Flash, Aquaman, and Superman all meeting each other for the first time. We see a retelling of the origin of Cyborg.

All of these different heroes end up coming together to fight a huge threat to planet earth, a threat so dire and dangerous that no one hero could have withstood the fight on their own. Who else but Darkseid could pose such a threat?

Darkseid attempts to invade earth with an army of parademons. Each hero tries to do what he can to save humanity and intervene, but the only way they finally succeed in putting an end to Darkseid’s devious deeds is by working together!

This is a simple story but very effective. I really enjoyed this retelling of the Justice League’s foundation. Geoff Johns does a great job here.


Justice League Volume 1: Origin is an excellent book. This is my favorite telling of the origin of the Justice League. This book is definitely worth grabbing. This is one of the best series in The New 52 relaunch. You’ll enjoy the story and art and likely be re-reading this book for years to come.

Buy it here:

This same story is actually available in multiple formats. I bought it in the standard Trade Paperback format. But it’s such a favorite of mine I might end up upgrading and getting one of these premium editions.

Justice League: Origin Deluxe Edition

This is an oversized hardcover edition of the same book, but also contains the second volume of Justice League, issues #7-12. So it’s like getting two Trades in one, with a hardcover and a nice dust jacket. I might end up having to get this edition at some point.

Absolute Justice League: Origin

This is an Absolute Edition, so it’s quite large, even bigger than an oversized hardcover, and it comes with a nice slipcase. The price is hefty but this is the ultimate format to collect a comic book in. If Justice League Origin is one of your favorite stories, it might be worth collecting in this format.

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