Green Lanterns Volume 1: Rage Planet Review

Green Lanterns Volume 1 Rage Planet

Here’s my review for Green Lanterns Volume 1: Rage Planet Trade Paperback by Sam Humphries. I was very skeptical at first when I saw this title. Green Lanterns!? What’s going on? And who are these people? So…did the story win me over, or is it a flop? Read on to find out!

The Book Itself


This is one of the new DC Universe Rebirth Trade Paperback editions. It is a pretty standard trade paperback. It is standard size. I personally find blue and white spines and design quite nice. I really like what DC has done with this Rebirth line of trade paperbacks. They look great on the bookshelf. This book has a small character design art gallery in the back as well as a few alternate covers.

If you’re used to buying comics in Trade Paperback format, you know what you’re getting into. This is a good one. Better than buying single issues in my opinion, here you’ve got one full story arc in one collection, and it’s solid enough to stand on its own feet on your bookshelf, no need for bags or boards!

The Art


The art in this volume is really nice. We’ve got art by the All-Time Greatest Green Lantern artist, Ethan Van Sciver! We’ve also got Ed Benes and Robson Rocha putting in some work as well.

The action scenes are masterfully done. And, I have to say, there’s a lot of emotion in this volume, and being able to read the emotions on the characters’ faces is very important. The story packs an emotional punch and the art definitely doesn’t let us down, but rather is there to show every internal conflict and emotional struggle happening within the characters. Again, quite masterfully done! The art in this book is a treat, and you’ll find yourself looking back over previous pages you’ve already read just to soak it in.

The Story


The story starts out strong with a scene of a mysterious Guardian, stealing away a mysterious object from some beings in some distant corner of the Universe! What could this be?

Then we see Jessica Cruz and Somon Baz. Now, I was very skeptical to be reading a book with not 1 but 2 more Green Lanterns. Jessica Crus I was especially skeptical of. She seems to be constantly riddled with anxiety and phobias. This is a far cry from the fearless Hal Jordan!

But this new dynamic of two Green Lanterns actually grew on me. The Green Lantern Corps is kind of like an Intergalactic Police Force, right? Well, shouldn’t every cop have a partner? This works perfectly. Green Lanterns reads like a buddy cop film, with Simon and Jessica needing to work through several challenges together before finally coming to a place of mutual respect and trust.

This just feels like the perfect format actually for the Green Lantern mythos. I mean, I’m a big fan of Hal Jordan. Always will be. But when he’s Green Lantern it’s very much a one man show. He’s gung ho all the time, full steam ahead, his way or the highway. Seeing two very different personalities have to work together and compromise in order to move forward is different but also very satisfying and fun.

In this first arc “Rage Planet” for the new series we have Atrocitus trying to turn Earth into a beacon of Rage, to amplify the powers of the Red Lanterns! And at the same time, what is this mysterious Guardian doing, who is he, and what does he have?

This is a SPOIL-FREE review so I won’t go further into details or spoil the conclusion, but I found this story to be very exciting and fun. Sam Humphries does a great job here building these characters and their interactions. It has a very epic feel to it as we see earth getting warped by Rage! And the story left me wanting to come back for more. I’m sure I’ll be collecting this entire series.


Green Lanterns Volume 1: Rage Planet is a great book and a fantastic start to a new series. I have been completely won-over by this new format. The Green Lantern mythos lends itself perfectly to a buddy cop style story with two Lanterns learning to work together. The new characters are interesting and fresh. I consider this one of the top books of DC Rebirth!

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