Green Lantern by Geoff Johns Omnibus Volume 1 Review

Green Lantern Hal Jordon Rebirth

Here’s my review of Green Lantern by Geoff Johns Omnibus Volume 1! This is the modern character and mythos defining run of Green Lantern, learn why it’s so great below!

The Book Itself


Green Lantern by Geoff Johns Omnibus Volume 1 is a very large and imposing book! This is a hardcover Omnibus edition with a dust jacket and a sewn binding. The book is pretty good at laying open flat once you get around a hundred or so pages in. The spine has a nice “eye” and opens wide enough to avoid any unpleasant gutterloss.

This is a giant book sitting at around 1200 pages. It feels awesome to hold such an enormous book of comic-goodness. But at the same time, a book that big is inconvenient. I found the most comfortable way to read this book was with a pillow in my lap and the book on top. It’s impossible to read a book this big while laying down in bed for example.

Still, with a strong sewn binding, nice dust jacket design, and even nicer hardcover design, this is a beautiful book and really looks great on your bookshelf.

The Art


The artists bringing to life Geoff Johns‘ story in this volume include Ethan Van Sciver, Carlos Pacheco, Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason, Dave Gibbons, Simone Bianchi, Daniel Acuna, and Darwyn Cooke.

I’ll start by saying that this book is full of memorable moments where you turn the page to see an absolutely awesome full page picture with some awesome bit of action. The art is great but also the composition, pacing, and planning of how to show a scene or a fight play out. A page of smaller panels will build to a suspenseful mini-cliffhanger and then you turn the page BAM to have something awesome in your face. You’re constantly feeling excited to turn each and every page because you never know what’s in store for you next.

Ethan Van Sciver is absolutely legendary. To me he is clearly the definitive artist for Green Lantern. The look he gives Hal Jordan, the Guardians of the Universe, for me are their true definitive looks. Everyone else pales in comparison. His compositions, poses, and action shots are all just unrivalled. This is what super hero comics are all about.

The Story


The story in this book is masterfully woven. Personally I have to speak from the point of view of someone who is new to Green Lantern. I knew of Green Lantern and I had even picked up an issue of Green Lantern before at some point during the Kyle Raynor era. But I was definitely not a fan. In fact, I remember mostly thinking Green Lantern was a pretty lame hero.

I felt like being a super hero just thanks to having a power ring was lame. Superman’s powers are because he’s from Krypton. Batman uses his badgets, stealth, training, and intelligence to fight crime. But being a hero just because you put on a ring? It just felt really lame to me when I was a kid.

What Geoff Johns does in this book is really give any new reader a fantastic launching point to get to know Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, and the whole mythos of the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians of the Universe. The story is perfectly woven to give everyone a good explanation of the major characters, what their about, and enough of their history to get us going. You don’t need to have read 50 years of Green Lantern comics to enjoy this story. Anyone can jump onboard and feel right at home.

Spoiler Alert

From this point of the review onward, there may contain some plot points and other details that some people may want to avoid if they’re a new reader.

The first story arc in this book is Green Lantern: Rebirth. This is about bringing Hal Jordan back into the center of the Green Lantern universe. Hal had previously had a fall from grace, had become a villain, and had been replaced as Green Lantern.

The first arc “Rebirth” explains the reasons for his fall, and shows him making a heroic return to the role of Green Lantern of Earth. This story is also available in an Absolute Edition : Absolute Green Lantern: Rebirth.

After we get Hal Jordan back in the driver’s seat, we get a number of other story arcs that both serve as a refresh on Green Lantern’s history and continuity, but also move the mythology forward.

We get a story about the Manhunters, the predecessors to the Green Lanterns. The Manhunters were robots built by the Guardians of the Universe. They were the first Intergalactic policing force conceived by the Guardians. They proved a failure. But some Manhunters are still operating and show up sometimes to cause mischief.

The Sinestro Corps War

Then the next main arc in the book is the Sinestro Corps War! Sinestro is of course one of Green Lantern’s most iconic arch enemies. He wields a yellow fear-powered ring whereas the Green Lantern Corps wield green Will-powered rings.

Sinestro Corps War

Now, Sinestro has been around a long time as Green Lantern’s main antagonist. But what happens in this story is unique. Sinestro recruits his own army of Fear-powered baddies to go to war against the Green Lantern Corps!

This is a pretty awesome arc, with great action and great art. And it helps set the stage for what happens next in the Green Lantern Mythos. If there is a Green Lantern Corps fueled by Will, and a Sinestro Corps fueled by Fear, could other Corps exist, other Lanterns, fueled by other Emotions? And what is the link to the prophecy of the Blackest Night? To find out more, you’ll have to get Volume 2!

This first volume is exceedingly awesome, and is a thrilling page-turner. And it perfectly sets the stage for the awesome story to follow! Comics don’t get much more cool and epic than this.


Green Lantern by Geoff Johns Omnibus Volume 1 is one of the best comic book collected editions you can buy! For me, Geoff Johns’ run on Green Lantern is the greatest run on any comic book hero in the history of Comics. There is no book or run that I’ve enjoyed more. For me, this is an absolute must-have, must-buy book. I look forward to coming back to this book and the next two volumes and reading them all again. This book will be one to read over and over again as the years go by. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. This book made me a Green Lantern fan. And even if you’re not a fan now, and you’re skeptical, trust me, this book will make you a fan. It’s awesome!

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