Earth X Trilogy Omnibus: Alpha Review

Earth X Trilogy Omnibus Alpha

Here’s my review for Earth X Trilogy Omnibus: Alpha by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger! Get ready to explore the origins and the distant fate of the Marvel Universe!

The Book Itself


This is a gorgeous book, a massive oversized hardcover Omnibus Edition with a dust jacket and a sewn binding. The binding is strong yet flexible, allowing the book to sit flat for easy reading with practically no gutter loss whatsoever. The book is heavy and big, the only down side is that it’s too bed to read in bed if you like to read while lying down before calling it a day. This is definitely a Premium grade book. Even higher quality in build than a lot of other Omnis out there. I would say this book is a bit higher quality than most of the DC Comics Omnibus Editions I’ve bought.

The book also contains a very extensive set of extra content in the back. There must be around 100 pages of character design sketches, variant covers, and an Afterward.

The Art


We’ve got several artists taking up Pencil duties in this book. We have Alex Ross doing a lot of the covers, but the inside of the book is drawn by several other artists. They include : John Paul Leon, Bill Reinhold, Garry Leach, Al Williamson, Robin Riggs, Brent Anderson, Thomas Yeates, and Jackson Guice.

To be honest, when I first ordered this book I was under the mistaken belief that Alex Ross had done all the art. I was looking forward to a book with his painted style, like Kingdom Come. However, that is not the case. Ross does the covers and he’s actually behind the Story and Character Designs. But he didn’t do all the art in the book.

The art in the book well done, although with so many different artists working on the book you do have several style changes to cycle through as you’re reading the book. Sometimes this can mess with the flow a little bit I think.

The art is well suited to the type of story here. It’s not your average action-packed beat-em-up comic book story. This is an epic story, about the history and fate of the Marvel Universe. So the style isn’t as punchy and clean as some of my favorite books. It’s a bit more abstract and dialed back. It fits the mood of the book and overall is quite beautiful pretty often.

The Story


This book contains Earth X #0-12 & #X, Earth X #1/2, Earth X Epilogue, Universe X #0-12 & #X, Universe X: 4, Universe X: Beasts, Universe X: Spidey, Universe X: Iron Men, and Universe X: Cap. Story is by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger.

This story of Earth X Trilogy Omnibus: Alpha is about the past and the future of the Marvel Universe. It’s a thoughtful and philosophical exploration that touches on all corners of the Marvel Universe and all of our favorite characters both cosmic and mundane, from the Watchers, to the Celestials, the Eternals, the X-Men, from Peter Parker to Ben Grimm.

In the future of the Marvel Universe, everyone has super powers. This book explores what is to become of Super Heroes when “Super” powers become mundane and commonplace. Is there any place for someone like Captain America, if everyone is strong?

Like an Issue of “What if?” On Steroids

What is left for the X-Men to do and fight for if everyone is a mutant, in a sense?

What happens to a Watcher who is struck blind? And what happens to a hero when he becomes his own arch enemy?

This book is like an issue of the old “What if” series on steroids! We get to see almost every marvel comics staple make appeareances in this book in almost unrecognizable form. What happens if Hulk and Bruce Banner are permanently separated into two bodies, what happens if Wolverine gets with Jean Grey, what happens if Reed Richards becomes Doctor Doom, what happens if Spiderman hangs up his tights, what happens if Tony Stark never left his suit of armor again?

When everyone in the world has powers, it makes for a mad world. Norman Osbourne becomes President, the country is under siege by Hydra, Captain America’s lost and wondering whether there’s still a place for him, and a new Red Skull gathers followers throughout the country by the tens of thousands.

And what would it take to turn it all around? Could our lost and scattered heroes make a return to save the world from itself one last time?

This book is really quite a delight. It’s so different from your typical super hero fair. Ross‘ imagination is really put on display. Every page, every character design, every plot twist defies expectations and shows real imaginative brilliance. I really enjoyed reading this book.


Earth X Trilogy Omnibus: Alpha is a fun exploration of the history and possible future of the Marvel Universe. We see a wide range of characters from all over the Marvel Universe and see them interact in interesting ways and change in a far flung future. If you want to see some of your favorite characters imagined in new ways and see the fate of the marvel universe, you should definitely check out this book.

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